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The largest global gathering of inquiry educators is back!
Featuring a stellar lineup of 50+ inspiring educators, TIES 2021 will be an opportunity to explore diverse and thought-provoking ideas on all things teaching & learning! Join us from the comfort of your homes on May 15 & 16 for sessions in English and on May 22 for sessions in Español. Together, let’s inquire, connect and transform our teaching practice.
Keynotes And Master Classes
Adriano Di Prato
Founding Partner, a School for tomorrow
Alfie Kohn
Author, Speaker, Lecturer
Guy Claxton
Visiting Professor of Education, King's College London
Jay McTighe
Author, Consultant and Co-creator of the UbD framework
Julie Stern
Learning Facilitator, Education to Save the World
Kimberly L. Mitchell
Founder, Inquiry Partners
María del Sol Peralta
Directora en María del Sol y CantaClaro, Colombia
Pasi Sahlberg
Professor, UNSW
Ron Ritchhart
Senior Research Associate, Harvard University
Trevor MacKenzie
Inquiry Author and Award Winning English Teacher
Will Richardson
Co-Founder, BIGQuestions Institute
Primary Years
Middle Years
Ann Lopez-Toyoh
Early Years Educator, Shekou International School
Dr Jo Fahey
Teacher, Author, Educational Consultant, Workshop Leader, Fahey-Sparks Consulting
Erin Leininger
Middle School Curriculum Coordinator, International School Manila
Erin Murphy
Educator, Author, Consultant, Real PBL
Geraldine De Fazio
Director of Learning, Strategy and Innovation, Montcrest School
Kirsten Durward
Educational Consultant, Teacher Trainer and Professional Coach
Nathalie Lauriault
Author & Elementary Teacher
Niko Lewman
PYP Coordinator, Grade 2 Teacher, MYP Design teacher, International School Mainfranken
Parvana Guliyeva
Math Curriculum Coordinator, International Sharing School Taguspark, Portugal
Robin Long EdS.
Founder, Let Them Learn LLC
Ross Cooper
Assistant Principal, Chappaqua Central School District
Panel Discussions
Carlos J. Diaz
Head Librarian, The American School (TAS)
d'Arcy Lunn
Head of Sustainability and Global Citizenship, Dulwich Group; Founder, Teaspoons of Change
Jay McTighe
Author, Consultant and Co-creator of the UbD framework
Julie Stern
Learning Facilitator, Education to Save the World
Kavita Tanna
Deputy Director, Inspire Citizens
Lamiya Bharmal
Primary Librarian & Information Literacy Teacher, Stonehill International School
Michael McDowell
Author, Hinge Education
Nadine Bailey
Middle School Teacher Librarian and Technology Integrator, Western Academy of Beijing
Orlando Abreu
Yoga Teacher and Wellness Coach
Rebecca Taylor
Elementary School Teacher Librarian, International School of Beijing
Shei Ascencio
Service Learning Consultant & CAS Coordinator
Suji DeHart
Librarian, Service Coordinator
Wellness Sessions
Allison Carmichael
Mindfulness Director, Teacher Fit
Ayleen Tjia
Feel Good for Life Online Designer and Meditation Teacher
Erin Michelle Threlfall
Assistant Principal/PYP Coordinator, International School of Lausanne
Izzy Ben Natan
Yoga Teacher and Wellness Coach
Jason Blackman
Healer and Meditation Teacher
John Millenium
Kinesiology Master
Lucy Keller
Head of Mindfulness, United World College Thailand
Nick Mann
CEO, TeacherFit
Orlando Abreu
Wellness Coach
Tobias Geertsma
Feel Good for Life Online Project Manager and Designer
Spanish Speakers
Alexandra Francesconi
Coordinadora del PEP en The International School of Kazan, Rusia
Andrea Vanegas
Coordinadora CIS y líder de Lengua y Literatura en Colegio Bilingüe Buckingham
Carolina Herrera
Coordinadora del Proyecto Personal en The Victoria School, Colombia
Christianne Cowie
Coordinadora del PEP en Colegio Anglo Colombiano, Colombia
Citlalli Martínez
School Success Lead en Toddle
Claudia Fayad
Coordinadora del PEP en Colegio Colombo Británico, Colombia
Claudia Ourthe-Cabalé
Coordinadora del PEP en St. Brendan's School, Uruguay
Diego Córdoba
Líder del PEP y Director de School Success en Toddle, Américas
Elizabeth Valcárcel
School Success Manager en Toddle, Américas
Eugenia Jenner
Directora General del Colegio Williams de Cuernavaca, México
Jimena Taboada
Directora General en St. Brendan's School, Uruguay
Maru Busico-Flight
Coordinadora de CAS y Tecnología Educativa en Westlake Academy, USA
Miguel Ramos
Coordinador del PEP en Redland School, Chile
Patricia Gómez
Maestra de Artes en The Victoria School, Colombia
Pilar Robles
Vicerrectora y Coordinadora del PAI en The Victoria School, Colombia
Jesús Hervías
Coordinador del PEP en Colegio Altasierra, España
Ktyall Malik
Coordinador del PEP en Westhill Institute (Santafé), México
Lucero Rodríguez
Coordinadora del PEP en Centro Educativo Crecer, México
María José Proaño
Coordinadora del PEP en Colegio Internacional de México
Rocío Álvarez
Coordinadora del PEP en Westhill Institute (Carpatos), México
Verónica Avella
Directora General y Coordinadora del PEP en Educare, México
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