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A global meet-up to unpack MYP unit planning
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MYP Planning Symposium
The MYP Unit Plan forms the cornerstone of effective teaching and learning that is aligned to the MYP philosophy and requirements. The MYP Planning Symposium will be an opportunity for you to collaborate with like-minded MYP educators and school leaders from around the world. Empower yourself with key strategies to design purposeful MYP units and experience how Toddle as a platform supports effective curriculum design.

Spread across 12 hours, this day of virtual learning will give you a chance to dissect key elements of MYP planning in your context - all fully free of cost!
Keynote Speakers
Cathryn Berger Kaye
Founder - Author - International Educator, CBK Associates
Lenny Dutton
MYP Coordinator, International School of Stuttgart
Workshop Leaders
Ashley Coats
Teacher, Mercedes College
Cheryl-Anne Stephens
Consultant Principal, Dili International School
Gurpreet Kaur
MYP Coordinator, Gandhi Memorial Intercontinental School Jakarta
J. Rafael Angel
MYP Coordinator, GEMS International School Al Khail
Jitendra Ramgopal Pandey
MYP Coordinator, Stonehill International School
Malcolm Nicolson
Director, Erimus Education
Natalie Jensen
Principal, Preshil K-12
Subject-Specific Speakers
Abril Dulude
Educator, Newton College
Andrew Mitchell
Head of IB Programmes/Teacher, BEPS International School
Beth Alvarez
Year Level Coordinator, Preshil, The Margaret Lyttle Memorial School
Ernald Boyd
Experienced IB Educator
Emily Munn
Advanced Academics Coach, Metro Nashville Public Schools
Geraldine De Fazio
Experienced IB Educator
Hema Rai
MYP and DP Coordinator, Zhuhai International School
Stephanie Chin
Head of Mathematics, Elmwood School
Varsha Agarwal Rodewald
Head of the DP and Language Programme Coordinator, Ascend International School
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